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I started out today thinking it was going to suck hard, but it ended up being a pretty rocking day. First, I had to take Kaeidyn to school this morning. This week, they’re learning about nutrition, so everyday they’re cooking something. Yesterday was stone soup, today was buns. So she was so excited to go to school, that 6 AM she comes running into my room, “Mommy, I’m gonna be late for school.” Luckily I was able to get her back to bed until about 7.

Then Mama T picked Kaeidyn up from school, and came over to help get the cleaning more under control. Not what I had planned, but she ended up doing most of the work completely herself. I felt incredibly bad. But the kids room is spotless, the bathroom is cleaned and so are my stairs. She’s gonna come back over tomorrow, after I’ve got my room pretty much done, and we’re gonna try to get everything else done.

I think The Boyfriend was avoiding be enlisted for cleaning jobs, so he worked on the van. After a couple hours, and a few breaks, he was able to get the van back up and running. It took a little bit of investigation on his part, but he was able to turn it on, and we even went for a short ride with all the kids to go put air in the tires. It was so nice to finally be able to all travel to one place, at the same time, in the same vehicle. I’ve been hating that Carter gets to come for everything, while the other kids get left behind, usually with Alfie.

We had barbecued steak for dinner, which the kids loved. Ate two whole steaks between the three of them, which is pretty spectacular being that they normally share one piece of meat between the three of them. And now The Boyfriend and I are having barbecued sandwiches. He had thought that we had no propane left, and then today he tested it out and it turns out we still have a full tank.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna have to let Kenzie play games, because he was begging all day today, and I kept telling him to hold off and then it ended up being bed time, so he never got to play games. We got them Socker Boppers today, so that’s going to be fun tomorrow. They got to play for a little bit today, but not very long.

I felt so bad. The Boyfriend went to Timmies and I got him to take Carter with him. He comes back all in a hurry, and as he walks up the sidewalk, I start hearing Carter wailing. His eyes were all puffy, and he had cried the entire car ride. I felt so bad for him.

We have had alot of screaming around the house these last couple of days, thanks to flies. For some reason, all my kids have decided that they are deathly afraid of flies. They see one, and they start screaming, they can’t move, they cry. I hope it doesn’t happen all summer long…

Yesterday, we went to the exercise park and took two of the neighbor kids. After playing at the exercise park for awhile, we went over to the hill behind our house and all the kids went nuts rolling down the hill for probably close to half an hour. Then we went over to the little tiny park behind our house, where Kenzie proceeded to poop his pants. So we had to cut our park playing short so he could come home and get bathed. Good thing too, because he was disgusting. They had all been playing in the sandy dirt paths, and from head to foot were covered in dustiness.

I feel like a new woman today (too bad it’s not a new and extremely sexy woman…). I finally, after almost a year of not wearing one for any real length of time, bought and am wearing a bra. I went and picked up a three pack of these cool adjustable racer-back sports bras, and then a nice t-shirt bra. So I’m wearing the sports bra, and so far, I’m completely loving it. I hope I keep up with wearing a bra 😉

The Boyfriend is officially on part-time. He’s been so worried about me telling people, because he doesn’t want to seem like the loser boyfriend. I keep assuring him that that’s not how he seems, or at least it’s not to me and that’s all that matters. If he was doing it because he didn’t want to work, then I’d think he was a loser. But that’s not the case at all. Not only can he not, but I can’t stand how much working full-time graveyards takes him away from us. Because it’s not just the night time he’s gone for.

During the days he has to sleep. His days off are mostly dedicated to sleep. It’s especially hard to have a family and work graveyards. He’s on his second night off, and so far it’s been wonderful. Two more nights of bliss!!!! The best part for me, is I won’t have to watch The Big Bang Theory or Parenthood alone anymore 😉

I am sweating so bad!! I just did a 20 minute workout on Your Shape! I gave up after I got to a side plank and my right arm kept snapping underneath my weight. I tried modifying it by putting one knee bent on the ground (still in perfect form), but it was getting too hard for me to hold myself up.

I was literally dripping with sweat during my workout. I was a little disappointed, because I put in that I wanted to strengthen my abs, and it seemed to give me alot more leg workouts. So it was alot of squats, which I guess is good, but my legs aren’t really in need of that much work.

One of these days, probably after we get more batteries now, I’ll take a picture of myself now, with my measurements and then a couple months from now, when I get on a workout routine, I’ll put another full body picture up with the change in measurements. That could potentially be really fun or really embarrassing.

It seems like my knee, back and neck are all going to be hindrances in me completing whatever fitness goal it is that I have, which I think right now is just overall toning. I don’t really think I have any weight to lose, I’m 5’7″ in 136 lbs, and I don’t think that that is that bad. But I do need to tone what I have, at the very least, get a little bit of definition.

Today, The Boyfriend, Kaiedyn, Carter and I all went up to The Boyfriend’s Sister’s place. It was her twins birthday party, and we didn’t have enough room in the car for Kenzie and Keirnan, so it was a nice little half-a-family outing. Kaeidyn got to decorate cookies and she played with tons of kids. Kenzie and Keirnan stayed home with Alfie, and I suppose they had a good time. No complaints from anyone, so it was all good.

It was nice to get out of the house. It’s beginning to sound like it happens alot more than it used to, yet not as much as it did during the summer. I can’t wait for this summer and all our walking. Hopefully, by summer, we’ll have a vehicle of our own and we can all go to some of our favourite places around town here. Maybe even eventually venture out of town.

I think as long as The Boyfriend is working graveyards, we’ve pretty much got two days out of the week to work with, and even that’s pushing it. I hate complaining about his job, because I know that it makes him feel horrible for having the job, even though he had it before we got together. It seriously drives me nuts though that he’s gotta sleep during the day when I’m most active, and he can’t sleep next to me, and then spending extra time together cuts into his sleeping.

Like today, because we went to the birthday party and he didn’t want to leave me yet, he’s only getting about two hours of sleep before heading back to work. It sucks, and I wish he didn’t have to go to work and that way he could just sleep next to me and everything would be fine.

Mama T’s still out at the Olympics and her boyfriend came back into town a couple days back. Goober, my brother, has been avoiding going back to Mama T’s house as much as possible. Today, we went to the birthday party and told Goober he couldn’t be here while Alfie was here, as usual. Told him to come back after 4 PM, though we were getting home at 3. We pull up right at 3, and there he is, standing in the middle of our yard with his huge stick, looking like the town creep. Upon being told he looks like a creep, he says “I know, it’s fun!”. Not so much fun for me!

So the kids got put to bed tonight, and the boys thought it would be hilarious to spill their sippy cups all over their bed. This was after I got mad at them for screaming at the top of their lungs, while The Boyfriend was in the room next to them trying to get his two hours of shuteye. When I saw the sippy cup mess, I gave all the kids “the look”, and now they are laying down quietly. It only took me 15 minutes, which is better than the usual 45 minutes to an hour. Unless The Boyfriend or Alfie deal with it. At bed time, they just don’t listen to me usually.

Carter has been constantly hungry, or so it seems to me, especially at night time. I think my breast milk might be slowing down and he’s not getting enough in the normal amount of time for feedings. We normally go for almost an hour and a half, jumping back and forth between right and left breasts. It’s becoming more and more difficult to stay determined to breastfeed. It’s just so all encompassing, and sometimes I don’t feel like doing it. Even though I know I have to. Hopefully he’ll start solids soon, so that at least I can take a break every once and awhile.

Well that’s pretty much my day in a nutshell. Now it’s time to relax on the couch, watch TV and feed my hungry, teething baby. My head hurts after my workout, so maybe I’ll take one or two tylenol and call it a night shortly after The Boyfriend leaves for work.

For some reason, the upstairs of my house is insanely hot. We had the dryer going earlier, and then I cooked dinner(all on the stove-top) and then all of a sudden it was just cooking in here. The heat wasn’t up very high to start off with, and then we’ve turned it down more. I’m still sweating though.

So today was a bit of a treat day for me today. Not only did I get the new vacuum that I really wanted yesterday, but The Boyfriend picked me up an exercise ball and resistance band. I’ve been talking almost non-stop about wanting to lose this baby belly (that I’ve only gotten since having Carter), and wanting to get healthier.

I think I’ve already started on this goal. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can change to healthy eating habits yet, or at least not more than I’m already doing. But exercise has been easy. Firstly, I’ve been getting off my butt and doing alot more. The dishes get done almost everyday, and I consider it a workout when I’m juggling dishes, Keirnan who wants to dump water all over the counter, and Kaeidyn who gets mad that she doesn’t get to wash the dishes.

Then I’ve been lifting my little 5 lb. dumb bell everyday. About 10 bicep curls a day for sure. I have this idea about how I want my body to look, so now I’m looking into learning how to achieve that. Another thing that I’ve been looking into is belly dancing. I’d really like to get into it, and I think I’ve kind of already got the basics down. I want to spend some serious time learning it though…

As you may have noticed, all the pages that were here, are not visible right now. I’m in the process of editing everything! I want this blog to be simple, and easy to navigate, and I want it to be very accessible. So I’m working on making all that possible within the confines of the features available to me with WordPress for free.

My kids are going through some interesting things right now. Kaeidyn, the sweet, wonderful devil that she is, is having so many issues with her attitude. It seems like everyday we’re creating some sort of boundary with her to keep her attitude in check. She’s been talking back, being bossy, acting spoiled, and just generally being huffy, about everything.

Most nights, The Boyfriend fills up everyone’s drinks and they head down to bed. After awhile (the next time I have to go to the bathroom), I go and give them kisses and hugs and tuck them in. A couple nights back, I started reading them their new Dr. Seuss books, which we’re all loving. It’s fun for the kids because they like the rhyming and it’s fun for us parents, because it’s nice to be able to laugh at your mistakes as you attempt the flip-flopping tongue twisters.

When I tell Kaeidyn “I’ll be down in a minute to read to you”, she flips out, starts bawling her eyes out and then comes, in her most dramatic, whiny voice, “No you won’t, you never read me my book”. She’s learning phone numbers and constantly wants to call people. When I say no, she’ll sit there and cry and cry until I give in.

Kenzie is going through this gaming thing. He wakes up in the morning, and the first thing he asks is if he can play games. The answer is always no, he’s not allowed to start until 9 AM. Of course, I thought I was being all smart, and taught him how to tell when the clock says 9:00, and while he doesn’t completely understand, in the morning when the short hand is all the way at the top of the clock, he knows he’ll get to play.

Today, he got grounded from the games, which is about a weekly occurance. When he’s told to shut off the games, he gets hissy and a couple times he’s thrown things. Today it was the game he was playing. So, he got grounded off of games for the rest of the night and tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. He’ll whine all day, “Mommy, I want to play a game!”.

Keirnan right now, is in this phase of constantly wanting to help, be a part of things, cuddling. He sits so close to me on the couch, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Carter’s almost always sitting there, he’d be sitting in my lap. When I go to the kitchen, no matter what I do, he’s out there in a second trying to help. I’m always tripping over little chairs and stools that he drags around all over the kitchen to help with things. When you don’t let him help, he squeals! I cringe everytime he squeals.

Carter, the boy whose supposed to be my baby, is just growing up too fast every single day. He’s smiling, he’s pretty much crawling, he’s eaten apple sauce and had no ill effects, he just seems like he’s getting so old, so fast. I love it and I hate it all at the same time.

All the kids are coming down with colds again. I knew it was going to happen, what with Kaeidyn going back to school and the weather going back and forth between super cold and kind of warm. The cycle normally goes Kaeidyn, Keirnan, Kenzie, Me and The Boyfriend. Now we’ve got a different cycle that I haven’t figured out because Carter’s been added. So far Kaeidyn and Keirnan both have runny noses, Carter’s a little congested. So Kenzie will probably get a terrible cough, and then I’ll be slammed with all the ailments of all the kids colds, and then The Boyfriend will spend a day or two with a stuffy/runny nose. YAY, I love this season!

Mama T went back to work. It happened very quickly, and it was only really funny because the night before she left, Kaeidyn called her and then her and I started talking and she was saying how badly she wanted to go back to work. Next day, she gets a call and that night she left to go to camp. The only thing that sucked about her leaving is now we don’t have a ride anywhere. And before, she’d just leave us the car and The Boyfriend would drive it (he has a license, I don’t…). I’m not sure exactly what happened there, but all of a sudden, we just weren’t allowed to drive the car anymore. She’d be like “No, I’ll take you.” Now that she’s gone out of town though, and the car is just sitting over in the parking lot of her apartment building, it just kind of ticks me off that we’re wasting money taking cabs places and stuff, when she could’ve just lent us the car, saved us some money and not had her car sit idle in the cold until who knows when. Okay, enough about that…

Well I have a 2-month-old starting to fuss, and it’s getting close to my bedtime. What ages, phases and stages are your kids at?