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I wish that Carter would stop crying. I wish that he’d let me put him down. I feel permanently attached to him today, except for earlier when he was happy playing on floor. From that, his knees are all red and almost look like he’s starting to get rug burn.

We had one successful feeding with the formula, and now he’s back to refusing to take it. He seems to be getting distracted from feeding altogether and only really takes well to my breast now when I’m laying down. And I can’t, nor do I want to, lay down all the time!

All the kids have been testing my annoyance levels all day today. Kaeidyn’s been hungry literally all day, I think it’s time for another growth spurt. After cereal this morning, within half an hour she was asking for a snack. Even after she got her snack, she kept asking for more food. Lunch came around, and she downed her lunch and then asked for a snack immediately after. She had two snacks before dinner, mowed down on dinner and is now having yet another snack before bed.

They all seem to be extremely whiny lately too. Especially the boys. I feel bad saying it, but honestly Kenzie’s voice right now is just about the most annoying thing ever. Even when he’s happy, he has a piercing, whiny twang to his voice that automatically causes my temples to pulse. It doesn’t help that he is completely unaware of the volume of his whiny twang, so it seems like every time he opens his mouth, he’s being told to quiet down.

Keirnan’s been crying constantly and seems to cause himself at least two wounds a day. I don’t know if it’s clumsiness as much as it is carelessness. He hits his head off things, even though he ducks when he thinks it’s going to hit him in the head. Somehow manages to hit the table, the counter and the doorknobs constantly. Instead of walking over or picking up a toy, he’ll just step right on it. Which results in a bout of relentless tears and his intense squealing which just about drives me over the edge every time he does it.

I’ve been doing things to try to squander the whininess as much possible, like I used to be able to do. For instance, I let them play outside constantly. Usually when they get fresh air, they become exhausted and pretty much quiet. Now though, it almost seems to make them grumpier. Or giving them a drink. Usually after they’ve had a drink, they don’t whine as much. They’ll sit quietly and drink their drink. Lately, they get a drink and then they all seem to get out of control.

I think that’s the biggest reason why it’s reached this point of overwhelming annoyance. Everything about life right now is completely out of control. The condition of my house is out of control, my finances are out of control, the kids are out of control, the list goes on and on….

I finally and unexpectedly vacuumed the living room, which has been on my to do list for way too long. I was working away on the computer and then I got up to grab a piece of paper that Kaeidyn had left on the ground from Carter, and next thing you know, I’m tidying the floor and vacuuming it. Even though you can hardly tell now, but it’s the thought that counts.

Talked to my landlord today, and this load limiter thing is just a ridiculous thing. Now my landlord wants me to call them back and if they say it’s his responsibility again, he’s gonna call and deal with it, so that I end up having to pay the last eight months of arrears. The thing that pisses me off about it, isn’t that I have to pay that money. It’s that I wish I would’ve known that something was up with my power and I don’t know whose fault it actually was, the providers or the landlords. Plus it pisses me off, because eight months of arrears is not going to come cheap, and right now money is so tight that it will probably take me another eight months just to pay the arrears. And then I’ll have eight more months of arrears to start paying and I’ll be stuck in a horrible and vicious circle.

The Boyfriend has been looking into going down to part-time. Financially speaking, it’s completely inconvenient and couldn’t have possibly come at a worse time. But it’s also killing him in all sorts of ways to continue on like this. If it weren’t graveyard and if he could get some proper sleep, it wouldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately, it’s just not working out and when almost everyday he’s talking about hating his job, how could I possibly not support him on something that could change his physical, mental and emotional status – and for the better.

And if he goes down to part-time, then I can possibly start a part-time job. That would make me ecstatic. I’ve been craving going back to work for years, and it seems the longer I don’t work, the more I want to. Obviously I couldn’t work for long hours or anything, because Carter’s only willing to do rice cereal once a day. But if I could work it around his feedings, maybe during his afternoon nap, I could get away with anywhere from 2 -4 hours of work a couple of times a week.

Ooo I am incredibly angered right now. So about four or five days ago, a load limiter was placed on our electricity. Turning on the oven or the heat while having say, the computer or the TV on would make the power shut off and then we’d have to run out to the meter and push a button to get it to come back on.

So today, cash in hand, I call about paying what I need to pay to get the load limiter removed. First, I call my original service provider, they tell me to call another number (which ended up not being the number I needed) and eventually, I land at another electricity provider. After going through all the steps to set up an account, they tell me I’ll have to call my landlord and get them to call the provider.

Well currently, I’m kind of in between landlords. Originally L&L and were my landlords, then sometime after that (without warning), C became my landlord. Then C and her husband got divorced and he became my landlord. I don’t even know C’s exes name, let alone his phone number. So I call C and she calls the electricity provider. Calls me back and says that they’ll need the arrears of the last eight months paid for.

So I call the provider back, and they tell me that they can’t give me any information about the arrears owed, that it’s the landlords responsibility and I’ll have to call the landlord to get it worked out. So even though I spent over and hour and a half on the phone, I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

I was on one provider, and when you’re bill gets over a certain amount they cancel your electricity and apparently send the information to this other provider, who then contacts the owner. It’s then the owner’s responsibility to pay the bill or get the tenant to contact the provider. Since that never happened, I have eight months in arrears with an electricity company that I didn’t even know I was using!!!

Then to top it all off, the kids are being whiny and noisy and Carter seems to be sleeping less and less. I’m just in a generally pissy mood right now. Everything is annoying me. And The Boyfriend has to go back to work tonight…

This is the first day, out of my (so far) 18-day blogging stretch, that I haven’t exactly looked forward to blogging. All day, I’ve been coming up with ideas for blog posts, and now I don’t feel like writing a single one of them…

First, I made this huge to-do list of all the things I had to get done today. From laundry, to getting crap organized and mostly just cleaning. Alfie took Kaeidyn, Kenzie and Keirnan to his house so that I could get all this stuff done. I didn’t complete a single thing on my list, and it was stuff that kind of “needed” to be done, because I sure as heck don’t want my landlord walking through my house the way it is.

The Boyfriend was sleeping while the kids were gone, and wouldn’t you know, my grumpy teething baby (yes, I said teething. Feeling around his mouth today, sure enough, he’s got teeth coming in… 3 months old, and teething…), would not fall asleep. Would not sit quietly anywhere. Wanted to be held, wanted to eat. So I spent most of the time that the kids were gone, feeding him and ignoring him long enough to get some laundry folded. Too bad we’ve run out of dresser space, so now my huge couch looks tiny in comparison to the huge mound of laundry that sits across it…

So I was going to write all about all the things I accomplished today, and well, the thing is, I didn’t accomplish a darn thing, except for folding laundry. Which wasn’t even my biggest concern. Even The Boyfriend, who slept half the day away, got more work done than I did. Pathetic…

Then, The Big Bang Theory was on tonight, and of course the Theory struck a theory, and I had this big plan to blog about it, and was a little worried about laws that I could possibly break, so I was talking it out with The Boyfriend. His response was bland and dull (mainly because I was talking really fast, and he doesn’t follow that so well – no offense babe ;)), so I quickly lost interest in that.

Then I was helping make food, and remembered that I had to blog. Normally takes me about half an hour or so to blog it all out, and so I quickly jumped over here. Wouldn’t you know, my grumpy teething (I’m not even kidding you… I’m so sad…) baby, starts to wake up. He keeps going out of awake and asleep, and that’s almost more stressful. You’re rushing around to get the stuff that you started done, so that you can tend to a crying baby. And then, just to screw with you, baby stops crying and acts all content, and you’re like “Phew, I can finish doing what I started!”, but then, no… Then the crying starts all over again, so you begin to rush. As you can see, this type of vicious circle can get exhausting and annoying…

Well here goes the circle, so time for me to be a Mommy. I’ll write more tomorrow…

I was quite suprised this morning, when The Boyfriend came in half an hour earlier and almost completely silent. Most mornings, you can hear him come in the front door and close it behind him, and you can hear the plastic bags rustling past the railing as he rushes to put everything away before the kids wake up. Normally, this doesn’t work.

This morning was different. Instead of coming through the front door, he climbed through the balcony window. Why, you may be wondering. Well every once and awhile, I go through this sketchiness at night. Sometimes it’s bad and I can’t sleep. My solution is to lock everything up and leave lights on all over the place. So last night, I was going through some extreme sketchiness.

When my heat comes on in the house, it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs. So I kept thinking someone was in the house, walking around. Then I watched alot of news yesterday, and Haiti was all over the place. I was laying in bed, sketching out about burglars and people coming in to set fires, and next thing I know, I’m sketching out about natural disasters. That’s when I locked the door.

The Boyfriend comes in this morning, all silent like, and when he came in to say hello, I was like “How did you get in here? I had the door locked” and he told me about jumping up through the balcony window. I told him I was sketching about natural disasters, and he was like “How is locking the door going to save you from a natural disaster?” And I explained to him, very sincerely, that at least with my door locked, I could rest assure that even if there was a crazy natural disaster at least a burglar wouldn’t be able to enter through my front door or balcony door to rummage through my scattered remains. Darn me for being so morbid 😉

Then he gave me some really good news. He got to take today off. That was insanely good news, and even though he’s been exhausted ever since noon, he’s done a really good job staying awake. Even when I went for an hour long bath (even though most of that was spent outside of the bath, braiding my hair into small braids, which is incredibly hard to do by yourself).

We’ve had a bunch of cute moments with the kids today. Kaeidyn picked a bedtime movie last night and she chose “Learn how to belly dance”, a movie I had picked up for $5 at Wal-Mart. It doesn’t really teach you much, it’s mostly just watching other people perform, but she comes upstairs and sure enough she’s picked up a few moves. She’s almost got a figure eight figured out, and I think a hip drop, but I’m not 100% sure. I get distracted by her attempts to do snake arms, and don’t pay attention to what she’s doing with her body.

Then, Keirnan starts singing Spider Man today, so I went and downloaded Spider Man by The Ramones. My little punk rocker was singing and dancing along, it was such a proud moment for me. Kenzie was sick today, so he slept for the most part. Carter was so talkative. That’s one thing that I love about The Boyfriend being awake during the daytime. For some reason, Carter sees his Daddy, and he just starts cooing away, and it’s always happy stories. I can get him to tell me sad stories, where he’s half crying through all the cooing. The Boyfriend gets smiles and these adorable little faces that just melt your heart.

I started folding the heaping mound of laundry that was on the bed that never gets used in the room that never gets used. My landlord is coming over on Tuesday to do with a walk-through with someone for their mortgage, so I have to make it look like I kind of clean the house. I wouldn’t be so worried if it were the landlord(s) I had when I first moved in here, or even if it was the landlady that just resigned from her position. This is a new landlord, one I haven’t even paid rent to yet. It’ll be the first time he’s in my house, and that makes me incredibly nervous. So the next couple of days will be full of cleaning.

Well The Boyfriend is officially done his shower, and I have a baby to feed, so it’s off to bed for me.