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I finally got out of the house today. I haven’t been outside since our monthly Mama T & McDonald’s trip. The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and the boys were very hyper. So Alfie, Kenzie, Keirnan, Carter and I, all walked to go pick Kaeidyn up from school.

The walk there was awesome. Carter sat quietly in his Snugli. The boys had fun slipping around on the ice, but were keeping up really well. Walking home was another story entirely. Kaeidyn normally gets to play in the snow, but today it felt like they were all be so annoying with it. And I was sure someone was gonna get hurt. But we made it home, all of us fine and still alive.

After lunch, finally, I decided that it was going to be a nap day. I’ve been pissy at The Boyfriend, and stressing over kid stuff, and napping normally helps that. This wasn’t one of those naps. I woke up from the nap more mad than I was when I went for it. I didn’t even let anyone know I was actually out of bed, and instead made a dash for the bathtub where I filled the bath with hot, hot water!

My favourite thing(s) about taking a bath are:

  1. I don’t have to stand up
  2. I can lock the door
  3. I get to read without being bothered
  4. It’s quiet in the bathroom

So I spent the next 45 minutes, in a ridiculously hot bath, reading “I Am My Mother’s Daughter” by Iris Krasnow. This book doesn’t really apply to me, being that it’s meant for aging daughters and their aging mothers. We’re talking 40-year-old women with 80-year-old Mom’s. I don’t have an 80-year-old Mom.

I also didn’t pick this book. It was brought over by my aunt in a huge stack of books (mostly romance novels). Now I’m not a huge fan of romance books, I mean it’s not that it’s not a good read, I just can’t get into the story. Romance doesn’t make much sense to me. Sexuality and intimacy do, that’s why I can love reading erotica. Romance on the other hand, not so much. So since I don’t like the romance novels, and I’ve read every other book I own that isn’t a romance novel, I figured I’d give this one a shot.

I was suprised at how much I liked “I Am My Mother’s Daughter”. Mama T and I have a pretty tumultuous relationship. I don’t remember a time in my life when my Mom and I weren’t having an arguement of some kind. To one up it, we both are pretty bad for holding grudges. I mean we forgive, but forget it… Are you kidding me?!?! I’ve never in my life even considered “writing her off”, even though I’ve been given handfuls of reasons.

I’ve always thought that out of all three of us kids, my Mom was always the hardest on me. Always had the most expectations of me. Always attacked me. But my sister always acts as if she’s had it the hardest and like Mom is more intense towards her. She’s been close to writing my Mom off many times, and on more than one occasion has gone months without talking to my Mom. I get nervous if my Mom doesn’t call me every other day.

“I Am My Mother’s Daughter” isn’t really useful to me, because I’ve already gotten to the point where I know there’s some things I can’t control (thank you 28 days with Sandra Bullock for teaching me that ;)), and there’s just nothing I can do about it. My Mom is my Mom and she’s not perfect, she makes mistakes, and she screws everything up sometimes. I could spend the rest of my life angry at her, and resenting her for the way she did or did not raise me, but what would I get from it?

It’s easier to accept that my mother is who she is, just as I am who I am, and that’s the best I can expect from her. I think that my sister would benefit greatly from reading this book. Then again, I think sometimes my sister is so stuck in her own little world that it wouldn’t even touch her. She’d just be reading the words. It’s really my sisters prerogative to be mad at my Mom at anytime in her life, so if she wants to be, there’s nothing I can do to stop that.

The book is mostly about Mom’s who are close to the end of their lives and daughters who wish they would’ve forgiven or forgotten so that they could have closure with their Mom’s before they died. I would hate to feel guilty for the rest of my life for not being there for my Mom when she passed. I couldn’t imagine what my sister would feel, as she pushes all her emotions way down to the bottom of herself until something sets her off and then she explodes, like an emotion-filled volcano. Reading this book makes me think a lot about my sister and my Mom and my kids. I hope none of them ever really hate me!

The Boyfriend and I finally talked a little bit about some of the problems we’ve been having this last week or so. It’s all nothing major at all, but it’s stuff that’s been bugging us. For me, it’s been the sleeping. I know he works a graveyard job, and I’m fine with that. I just wish I could see him awake some days. I wish I could rely on him for help more. It sucks too, I feel so bad complaining about it all, mostly because I know it’s something he would love to give me, but this job makes it hard. I don’t want quitting the job to be an option. He worked this job for 2 years before meeting me without any thoughts of quitting, and I don’t want to be the reason he quits a perfectly good job that he loves.

We didn’t talk about all the issues, because there just isn’t enough time and frankly, I don’t have the desire. One or two issues a day is all I care to deal with right now. I keep questioning whether or not I have a right to bitch about the things that I want to, and while I know I have the right to do anything I want to do (without breaking the law…), it doesn’t mean that I want to go through a slew of emotions. I used to be like that, every time I had a problem with something, I would go through all the crap. And I’d end up bringing up stuff that had happened months ago way too often. I don’t want it to be like that.

It’s not like The Boyfriend and I really have alot of issues either. My issue is he sleeps too much, his issue is Alfie. That’s really it. The only thing that sucks about all that, is we’ve had the same issues for almost the entire time that we’ve been together. And while things have changed, it almost feels like nothing has changed at all.

Well at least I got some fresh air, a nap and a bath today 😉

Well it’s Wednesday, and that means it’s The Boyfriend’s second night off work. The one he normally stays awake for. Almost every weekend for the last 2 or 3 months, has been comprised of him playing video games and me “playing” on the computer. Tonight, I didn’t much feel like being on the computer, so I hogged the TV all night.

It was nice though, because it forced us to spend time near each other. Which isn’t happening nearly enough. Today was one of those days though, when I felt like all the strings that hold our relationship together, were being strained by the weight of alot of different things. Things I can’t even define…

The kids have been awesome and annoying all at the same time all day today. They all helped a little bit with cleaning, Kaeidyn’s being extremely bossy and thinks that it’s her place to put her two cents in everywhere. Kenzie or Keirnan will be getting told something by us parents, and then the peanut gallery will chime in with, “Yeah, I told you not to do that” or “That’s why you shouldn’t do that”.

Kenzie has been doing better with the game thing these last two days. After the day of being grounded, the next day he had almost no interest in games whatsoever. Played for about an hour, and then we put a movie on and he was fine with that. Today he played for a little bit with Alfie, but after he got frustrated, he just turned the game off and wanted to watch TV.

Keirnan right now is being so difficult. He’s at that age, when he wants to do all these grown up things, that he’s not able to do. Like the dishes, he wants so badly to be allowed to do the dishes without someone standing there, or taking away everything but the plastic cups and spoons!! He wants to make dinner but doesn’t completely understand the concept of,”It’s really HOT”.

Even worse than that though, is that my Monkey is just starting to learn to talk. He points at things, and makes this whiny grunting noise. Some words, he’s figured out enough that he can use them all the time (though unless you really pay attention, it’s hard to tell which word is which). I also think he’s really selective about who he’ll talk to and under what circumstances. Because he seems to know more words when he’s talking to Kaeidyn or Kenzie than when he’s talking to us adults. I think it’s mostly just laziness, because Kaeidyn and Kenzie will talk for him.

Carter’s biggest thing over the last couple of days, has been this wicked amount of drooling that seems to be happening. He is soaking everything with his constant drool. I hope he’s not already teething. What’s breastfeeding like when a kid starts teething? My sister, Pikachu, breastfed her youngest through the whole teething thing, and everyday she’d bitch about her daughter biting her. I’m not looking forward to that…

Ba deep ba deep ba deep, that’s all folks and there’s your quickie. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 😉

Carter has been sweating all day in our abnormally hot house, and so the rolls under his neck have accumulated some interesting things today, some black lint, a ton of my hair and sparkles – not sure where they came from, but they’re there now!

Today has been a relatively unproductive day, with the exclusion of my workout. I’ve barely been on the computer at all today, except for watching a few videos on eHow (I’m trying to learn to belly dance) this morning. I washed a half a load of dishes, still have a sink full left. I did one load of laundry (though didn’t fold or put away a single thing yet). I didn’t even have to make dinner or lunch today!! Lesson: Sometimes complaining pays off 😉

I started taking my calcium supplement today. I was supposed to start around the same time that I started Depo. I’ve done the birth control (and hated it), I don’t want to do an IUD, and all the other methods like the Nuva-Ring and the patch, are too new for me to feel comfortable with. Depo seemed like a good option simply due to the fact that I take it once every three months and my doctor’s office will call me when I’m due for my next shot.

The only problem with Depo, is that it promotes bone loss. I don’t drink milk (unless it’s a part of my cereal or ice cream, which are things that I only eat 3 or 4 times a year), so my doctor only prescribed Depo with my agreement to start calcium supplements. This is not my first time either. When I was pregnant with Kaeidyn, I also did calcium supplements for awhile.

This time we got these calcium soft chews, chocolate ones. I’m not much of a fan of chocolate, so that’s kind of a turn off. But if it will help prevent osteoporosis, I’ll give it a good try. Maybe it’ll help with alot of the problems that I’m already having with my joints!!

So a month or so into this no smoking thing, and I’m officially sick of not smoking. The first few days was fine for cravings, I’ll even go so far as to say the first three weeks were fine. This last week has been incredibly difficult. My stress levels are through the roof and a smoke would be nice. I’m trying my best to keep it together though…

Well I’ve got ten minutes to get this posted before it’s officially tomorrow and I fail my NaBloPoMo Challenge. So I’m gonna get this up and running and I’ll write again tomorrow!

So not a super long post tonight, my house is incredibly hot again, Carter is rather grumpy and wants some cuddles, and I’m super tired. But it’s my goal to blog everyday, so here I am.

I used my new vacuum today. Boy do I love it. It glides across my carpet with ease, it picks up tons of junk (which my floor always seems to have lots of!), and it was quiet so vacuuming while The Boyfriend sleeps is no biggie. The kids even got to use it today, though that doesn’t get to happen anymore because I want this vacuum to last awhile. We have had 3 or 4 vacuums break since I moved into this place 2 years ago!

Today seemed like an exhausting day, even though looking back on it, it probably wasn’t all that bad. Kenzie was grounded off of games today for throwing games yesterday, so that was the start of one annoyance. Every half hour or so, “Mommy, can I play a game”, then I’d say “No, you’re grounded” “Why? Did I throw the game?” “Yes, you did. So you don’t get to play today.” “Awwww!”. I hate that without even meaning to at all, I’ve got a kid who won’t stop talking about computer games.

And I swear Kaeidyn’s turning too, though that one is more of my fault. She gets jealous that Kenzie’s down playing games all day. So she’s got her own little browser on the computer, and more recently has learnt how to type in words written on pieces of paper. So GamesGames and TreehouseTV are normally typed into the omnibar of the Google Chrome Browser and away Kaeidyn goes. Gaming’s just gonna end up coming naturally for Keirnan and Carter.

Do you think that’s normal for this new generation to have more access to video games? Is it abnormal for a 3-year-old to be playing video games?

Well tomorrow is another day of school for Kaeidyn, probably another day of games for Kenzie, another day of squealing for Keirnan. For Carter it’ll be another day of doing what he’s doing now, and that’s crying. For me, it’ll be another day of cleaning, exhaustion and body aches. Whoever said this job was easy? At least The Big Bang Theory and House are on tomorrow night!!

For some reason, the upstairs of my house is insanely hot. We had the dryer going earlier, and then I cooked dinner(all on the stove-top) and then all of a sudden it was just cooking in here. The heat wasn’t up very high to start off with, and then we’ve turned it down more. I’m still sweating though.

So today was a bit of a treat day for me today. Not only did I get the new vacuum that I really wanted yesterday, but The Boyfriend picked me up an exercise ball and resistance band. I’ve been talking almost non-stop about wanting to lose this baby belly (that I’ve only gotten since having Carter), and wanting to get healthier.

I think I’ve already started on this goal. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can change to healthy eating habits yet, or at least not more than I’m already doing. But exercise has been easy. Firstly, I’ve been getting off my butt and doing alot more. The dishes get done almost everyday, and I consider it a workout when I’m juggling dishes, Keirnan who wants to dump water all over the counter, and Kaeidyn who gets mad that she doesn’t get to wash the dishes.

Then I’ve been lifting my little 5 lb. dumb bell everyday. About 10 bicep curls a day for sure. I have this idea about how I want my body to look, so now I’m looking into learning how to achieve that. Another thing that I’ve been looking into is belly dancing. I’d really like to get into it, and I think I’ve kind of already got the basics down. I want to spend some serious time learning it though…

As you may have noticed, all the pages that were here, are not visible right now. I’m in the process of editing everything! I want this blog to be simple, and easy to navigate, and I want it to be very accessible. So I’m working on making all that possible within the confines of the features available to me with WordPress for free.

My kids are going through some interesting things right now. Kaeidyn, the sweet, wonderful devil that she is, is having so many issues with her attitude. It seems like everyday we’re creating some sort of boundary with her to keep her attitude in check. She’s been talking back, being bossy, acting spoiled, and just generally being huffy, about everything.

Most nights, The Boyfriend fills up everyone’s drinks and they head down to bed. After awhile (the next time I have to go to the bathroom), I go and give them kisses and hugs and tuck them in. A couple nights back, I started reading them their new Dr. Seuss books, which we’re all loving. It’s fun for the kids because they like the rhyming and it’s fun for us parents, because it’s nice to be able to laugh at your mistakes as you attempt the flip-flopping tongue twisters.

When I tell Kaeidyn “I’ll be down in a minute to read to you”, she flips out, starts bawling her eyes out and then comes, in her most dramatic, whiny voice, “No you won’t, you never read me my book”. She’s learning phone numbers and constantly wants to call people. When I say no, she’ll sit there and cry and cry until I give in.

Kenzie is going through this gaming thing. He wakes up in the morning, and the first thing he asks is if he can play games. The answer is always no, he’s not allowed to start until 9 AM. Of course, I thought I was being all smart, and taught him how to tell when the clock says 9:00, and while he doesn’t completely understand, in the morning when the short hand is all the way at the top of the clock, he knows he’ll get to play.

Today, he got grounded from the games, which is about a weekly occurance. When he’s told to shut off the games, he gets hissy and a couple times he’s thrown things. Today it was the game he was playing. So, he got grounded off of games for the rest of the night and tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. He’ll whine all day, “Mommy, I want to play a game!”.

Keirnan right now, is in this phase of constantly wanting to help, be a part of things, cuddling. He sits so close to me on the couch, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Carter’s almost always sitting there, he’d be sitting in my lap. When I go to the kitchen, no matter what I do, he’s out there in a second trying to help. I’m always tripping over little chairs and stools that he drags around all over the kitchen to help with things. When you don’t let him help, he squeals! I cringe everytime he squeals.

Carter, the boy whose supposed to be my baby, is just growing up too fast every single day. He’s smiling, he’s pretty much crawling, he’s eaten apple sauce and had no ill effects, he just seems like he’s getting so old, so fast. I love it and I hate it all at the same time.

All the kids are coming down with colds again. I knew it was going to happen, what with Kaeidyn going back to school and the weather going back and forth between super cold and kind of warm. The cycle normally goes Kaeidyn, Keirnan, Kenzie, Me and The Boyfriend. Now we’ve got a different cycle that I haven’t figured out because Carter’s been added. So far Kaeidyn and Keirnan both have runny noses, Carter’s a little congested. So Kenzie will probably get a terrible cough, and then I’ll be slammed with all the ailments of all the kids colds, and then The Boyfriend will spend a day or two with a stuffy/runny nose. YAY, I love this season!

Mama T went back to work. It happened very quickly, and it was only really funny because the night before she left, Kaeidyn called her and then her and I started talking and she was saying how badly she wanted to go back to work. Next day, she gets a call and that night she left to go to camp. The only thing that sucked about her leaving is now we don’t have a ride anywhere. And before, she’d just leave us the car and The Boyfriend would drive it (he has a license, I don’t…). I’m not sure exactly what happened there, but all of a sudden, we just weren’t allowed to drive the car anymore. She’d be like “No, I’ll take you.” Now that she’s gone out of town though, and the car is just sitting over in the parking lot of her apartment building, it just kind of ticks me off that we’re wasting money taking cabs places and stuff, when she could’ve just lent us the car, saved us some money and not had her car sit idle in the cold until who knows when. Okay, enough about that…

Well I have a 2-month-old starting to fuss, and it’s getting close to my bedtime. What ages, phases and stages are your kids at?