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I’ve been hard at work almost all day on blog stuff today. It started with wanting to get some links up, and then I remembered that this Sunday, January 10th, is the official launch of The Rantings Newsletter. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE today to receive weekly updates, pictures, links and much more.

So then after working a little on the Newsletter some more (making some final tweaks), I decided to look for some images for the blog. This I am having huge issues with, or I think I am. I’m super sketchy of copyright infringement and I don’t understand legal jargon enough to be sure that I won’t be screwing anything up. Does anyone know a really great place to go to get images for free to use on your blog?

I don’t even know for sure what I’m looking for, in terms of images. Half the time, I argue with myself that all my images should be pictures that I take. The other half the time, I think I could get the point across better from clip art or other images. If I had a program other than paint to create images with, like photoshop, than I would use it. But that’s not an option. Anywho…

I’m working really hard on getting My Goals up and going, as well as my Top 13. It’s been a while since I’ve written HTML, and so I’m having to re-learn alot of things. I don’t even know how much of it WordPress is accepting. I’ve got some serious issues with this platform…

My joints have all been hurting me really badly today. My knuckles feel swollen and stiff and my thighs feel very tight. I’ve been feeling very weak. I’ve been doing more around the house, and more in terms of physical activity during the day and I think my body is paying me for it. My muscles are screaming, “We just want to be lazy, let us curl up in a ball, wah!!!!”. I’m hoping a good sleep will get rid of the soreness.

Tonight was pretty awesome because I didn’t have to make dinner. I’ve gotten off from making lunch a couple of times this week, but dinner has been my job for almost two weeks straight. That’s dishes and dinner, and I’ve had both Kaeidyn and Keirnan insisting on helping and most nights The Boyfriend is sleeping, so I’ve got grumpy Carter crying in the background the entire time. Tonight, The Boyfriend decided he wanted to make some Hamburger Helper. I wasn’t about to stop him.

He also brought me home a new vaccuum this morning, since the last one we bought broke months ago and using Mama T’s shop vac, that I have to get down on my hands and knees to use across my living room floor, is starting to suck hardcore. I told The Boyfriend that our number one priority before getting any extras is to get a new vaccuum. And then eventually the goal is to get a Wii because I really want to get fit with Wii Fit.

So tomorrow, I’ll be cleaning like crazy and vaccuuming with my new vaccuum. Hopefully it won’t break! How many vacuums is too many vacuums to break? I think I’m up to 3 now… This vacuum, I’m going to take very good care of. The kids will not be allowed to play with this vacuum. Let’s hope *crosses my fingers*

I’m hoping I’ll get a bunch more done on the blog tonight. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a sleep-in day for me, but I’m betting that I’ll be full of ideas first thing in the morning and will be up early to get working on all this stuff. Or I won’t… Talk more tomorrow!