Posted: July 31, 2010 in Valerie Rayne

Man oh man, I am completely covered, from head to toe, in mosquito bites. They are everywhere. We decided to take the kids down to bower ponds with The Boyfriend’s sister and her kids. Even though we were all sprayed down with bug spray, the mosquitoes were in full on attack mode!

Then to make all matters worse, the kids decide to crawl under a fence and go into the the locked baseball diamond. All of a sudden we hear shrieking and crying, so I go over to look and the girls are all screaming about getting attacked by mosquitoes.

So I attempt to find a way out for them (which I failed at and The Boyfriend’s sister has to come and help them climb over a fence), and along my walk around the entire baseball diamond, got eaten alive by mosquitoes. On the backs of my legs (and I was even wearing pants), and now I’m discovering they’re all up my arms and across my neck. So needless to say, I’m scratching every single one of them and now they’re all swollen and welt-like.

The kids have all been overwhelming, to say the least. When they’re inside, it’s constantly, “Mommy, can we got outside? Mommy…”. When they’re outside seems to be the only time I get any peace, and even then I constantly have to be checking on Kaeidyn and Kenzie because they’ve started leaving the yard all the time, and Keirnan is still inside bugging for a drink every five seconds.

I need to go see my doctor yet again. First, to double check that everything went okay with my x-rays. He said he would call me if anything showed up, but I just don’t know how all my tests are coming back normal. The pain in my knee comes and goes, but lately my hands have been out of control. And it’s beginning to affect my guitar playing.

Plus, I need to get another depo shot (a month early) because nine months later, I’m still freaking bleeding. It’s getting incredibly annoying, and when you have to constantly have them on hand, pads get pretty expensive!! It’s horrible. I’m blaming part of my new found, lowered self-esteem on the fact that you can’t feel very sexy when you’ve continually got uteral lining coming out of you! Even though I obviously am, since I haven’t yet, but I keep freaking out that the depo hasn’t working and I’m not protected from pregnancy and it seems like every month I’m worrying about being pregnant.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been getting sore nipples, gaining and losing weight, my bigs are bigger (that or all my bras have shrunk) and I’ve also been getting this crazy feeling throughout the day in my genitals. So, yet more things to go to the doctor for. I hope this isn’t one of those situations where for years we miss some huge health problem, and then find out years down the road, after all my symptoms have worsened to an extreme degree, that I had some health issue that should’ve been obvious…

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