So Much Done, So Much Still Left

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Valerie Rayne

This last little while has been full of accomplishments and semi-failures. From completing alot of things online, to finally getting the laundry done, and even taking the kids to the exercise park and doing a wicked workout, this has been one heck of an exhausting week.

A little bit of promotion, only because I’m so incredibly excited about it, is a newish blog that I’ve been working on. The Art Of… gives you daily journal prompts, tons of articles and exercises and activities to assist you in discovering, exploring and defining yourself through expressive journal writing. We’ve even got an online community that you can join to write your own blog, participate in discussions and join groups. So be sure to join The Art Of… Journal Community today!

I’ve also kind of started another blog, it was already started just not being used for anything. But I’ve decided since most of the blogs or websites in The Rantings Network don’t have about pages, so I’ve just created a kind of all-in-one about page, finally. You can find that here.

I’ve been doing a pretty rocking job on keeping the dishes done these last few days. Unfortunately, they seem to pile up so fast that I’ll do them in the late morning/early afternoon and by dinner time I have another load to do. It’s getting kind of ridiculous and I’m getting sick of having to do so many loads of dishes a day.

And we’ve been slowly moving through the mound of laundry, though it seems like we still have so much that’s not clean. Laundry is the hardest to keep up with with the weather being warm, because my dryer throws off an uncomfortable amount of heat.

The kids have all been overwhelming this last little while. They’re always asking for things, always whining, always crying. I’m not sure what it is exactly that’s causing them all to be so out of control like. I feel like I’m almost automatically overwhelmed by them lately, even without them really trying. And I don’t know for sure if I’m being too sensitive or something. I don’t seem to be the only one though.

Kaeidyn’s gotten brutally lippy, and I think it’s largely due to friends around the street and the way they talk to their parents. Maybe it’s the age too. Yesterday, she even stuck her tongue at me. How are you even supposed to react to that? She got spoken to about it right away, but I don’t think we really got through to her.

Keirnan has been nothing but whiny these last couple of days. He wants to go outside with the other kids, but normally ends up having to stay inside because his whining gets so out of control. He freaks out about this dog that someone keeps letting out and it’s not harmful or anything. The worst thing it’s done is dug a hole in the yard. But Keirnan runs screaming and crying and makes this huge deal out of it.

Kenzie has just been generally unhappy and grumpy lately. I think with him it’s mostly the heat, he doesn’t do well in it. We’ve also been trying to get the kids to drink water more often, and he’s despising that. We hear lots of “I’m thirsty” complaints, and he gets a “Have a drink of water” response, which he hates and normally throws a fit over. Today has been especially rough with him because for some reason he’s peeing himself and constantly changing his pants. Third pair so far!

Carter, now that he’s had solid foods, always wants solid foods. He no longer seems to get any fulfillment from formula and during the day will eat whenever and whatever he can. He’s been especially fussy and I think it’s the sign of a growth spurt coming on. He’s also started grinding his teeth, which is the most horrible sound and makes me cringe. He only seems to do it when his teeth are really bugging him, but it tends to worry me so much when he does it. Especially after he made his gums bleed the other day from doing it so hard.

Kaeidyn and Kenzie got to go to the fair the other day. They got to go on rides, and won little guitars on a game, and even got to go up on stage when they went and saw Bobs & Lolo. I wish we would’ve had a camera for it. Hopefully by Christmas…

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