The Middle Child Syndrome

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Valerie Rayne

Yesterday was one of those days where the kids were both annoying and absolutely adorable all at the same time. I said I was going to write about all of this yesterday so that I wouldn’t forget it. Unfortunately I didn’t and now I’ve forgotten some of the stuff.

Kenzie yesterday, as the kids are all outside riding their bikes, starts bawling his eyes out. So I go outside and tell him to come inside. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with him and he just keeps saying he doesn’t want to ride his bike, he wants to ride Keirnan’s. Keirnan has a little tricycle, Kaeidyn’s got a two-wheeler and Kenzie’s got training wheels. He first says, “I don’t want four wheels, I want three!” and I go off about how he has more and four is better than three, and it’s the same age as him. He wasn’t having it.

So then he goes on about how Kaeidyn’s too fast for him to keep up with. So I say, “Then ride with Keirnan” and he whines, “But Keirnan’s too slow!”. He is, without a doubt, a middle child.

Keirnan goes to get his teeth pulled this week. I’m so nervous about it, especially being that I’m relying on Alfie to pay for it. *shudders* (Don’t even get me started on him…).I’m even more nervous though, about seeing him in pain and watching him be all groggy for the rest of the day. The only thing I know that’s going to happen is that I get to go in with him while he gets sedated and then I have to go wait out in the waiting room while he gets all his tooth work done. I have a feeling I’m going to cry, at least once. I hope Alfie doesn’t mind if The Boyfriend comes along too, because Alfie sucks at comforting me during stuff with the kids.

Kaeidyn’s fallen down twice now, really good, on her bike. One of her knees is completely scraped up with road rash. She takes it surprisingly well, though when it first happens all you can hear is her squealing. She’s still constantly asking questions and it’s gotten to the point where it’s exhausting listening to the same questions over and over again.

Carter, my dear sweet Carter, has been having a bit of a grumpy streak this last little while. He seems to wake up crying and doesn’t stop for a really long time. We think it’s mostly just teething, and he’s got two more breaking through for a total of 8 teeth!! He’s been eating constantly it seems, everytime we eat and most days an entire jar of baby food. It’s nice though, because it means soon we won’t have to be spending so much on formula, and that excites me.

Some good news and bad news on my end. The bad news is, I made the decision (very suddenly) to quit my job. I wasn’t feeling well one day and called in sick, and then the next day I just didn’t go in. And I’ve decided I’m not going back. It was a blip. I need something better, where I’ll feel more appreciated (especially being that whatever job I work, takes me away from my kids, and if I’m not appreciated, I’d rather just stay home where I am!), and where I won’t just be sitting around for 8 hours a day. It breaks my heart when there is absolutely nothing to do, and I’m cleaning a completely clean building, when I could be at home with my kids, cleaning my own disgusting house!

The good news is, I’ve lost a little tiny bit of weight. Not alot, but enough that it’s given me some hope! I don’t know how I managed it, because I haven’t been doing all that much. But three inches off my waist, though my hips are still just as big so my pant size hasn’t changed at all. We went to the exercise park yesterday, and I successfully did 30 crunches which just felt amazing. Only 70 more to go, everyday, before I reach  my goal!!! I’m hoping in the next little while to start a serious workout routine, preferably in the morning before anyone gets up.

Well, I think I’m off to go soak my sore body in a nice hot bath. Hope to write again soon!

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