The Great Pyjama Debate

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Family, Kaeidyn Ember, Parenting, The Boyfriend, Valerie Rayne
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This morning was the biggest gong show in the world. I yelled, at someone who wasn’t the kids, for the first time in what seems to be a really long time. I also see alot more yelling in my future.

Last night, I had picked out clothes for Kaeidyn for school, since right now I’ve got clothes all over the place. So I put them up where I normally put Kaeidyn’s clothes, and she comes down and grabs them. Then I hear Alfie send her back downstairs telling her she’s not wearing pyjamas to school.

Supposedly, the dress I gave her to wear today is pyjamas. I don’t know exactly who decided this, it might possibly have been the fabric. It’s not the first time she’s worn the dress to school. I personally don’t view the dress as pyjamas, I mean yes, it would make a great pyjama, but I wouldn’t say that is what the makers of it intended for it.

It’s supposed to be Alfie’s day to walk her to school, which normally means that Alfie’s upstairs with the kids, and The Boyfriend, Carter and I stay downstairs sleeping. So I’m downstairs, trying to sleep when Kaeidyn appears at my door bawling her eyes out.

I hear Alfie upstairs, “You can’t wear that. It’s pyjamas!”, so I come upstairs in defense of my clothing choice and for Kaeidyn. As I’m walking up the stairs, I say, “It’s fine. I picked them out for her. She’s allowed to wear it to school.” Which resulted in the entire argument.

First he yells that they are pyjamas, she can’t wear pyjamas to school. I yell that she’s fine. He says he’s not walking her to school then. I say, “Wow, you’re seriously gonna be like this?” and he starts yelling about how she’s wearing pyjamas. It ended in me telling him to leave. The Boyfriend is walking Kaeidyn to school.

I hate that things between Alfie and I have been fine. I didn’t even snap at him, like I normally would’ve, when I found out he went to work and left the kids with a babysitter (that I hadn’t approved, I wasn’t even told about it until the next day) when they spent the weekend at his house. And then he has to pull this absolute immature crap, first thing in the morning.

I hate that he has a negative opinion about everything to do with how I do things with the kids. I give them the wrong type of cereal, I don’t dress them properly, I let them drink the wrong types of beverages. And yet, even though he’s got all these stupid opinions about everything, I don’t see him putting any money towards what clothes do go on their backs, or the type of food that sits in the fridge. He’s a whole lot of talk!

She changed out of the pyjamas, because she found a hole in her nylons and isn’t allowed to wear a dress to school without them. So now she’s wearing pants and a shirt. I still think she changed mostly because she was afraid that Alfie would be mad at her for wearing her “pyjamas” to school.

I hate that I have to be the bumper for his crappy immaturity. I have to comfort the kids after he throws a temper tantrum. I hate that I’ve got three kids by a kid. I wish sometimes he’d just get over things. Nod and smile. Instead of throwing a hissy fit and upsetting everyone around him. It’s just getting extremely exhausting.


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